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Who should take Xenical?

Xenical is indicated for individuals who are clinically obese (Body Mass Index or BMI over 30) or who are overweight (BMI between 25 and 30) and have or are at risk from medical conditions which are related to their weight or body fat, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension.

How Does Xenical Work?

With the exception of Xenical, all of the current prescription drugs for weight loss act on the brain to reduce appetite. However, these drugs may have side effects (central nervous system and cardiovascular), ranging from minor to severe and are indicated only for short term use. Importantly, these drugs do little or nothing to help people change their eating habits or lifestyles. Therefore, when they stop taking the drugs, the weight is quickly regained. Xenical, on the other hand, blocks the digestion and absorption of fat and helps to control fat intake.

Is Xenical Addictive?

No. Xenical is non-addictive.

When I Take Xenical, Can I Eat What I Want?

Yes and no. You can eat most of the foods you currently do, but in smaller amounts. It is recommended that Xenical be taken in conjunction with a diet that is moderately reduced in total calories (about 20% - or 600 less calories per day) and reduced in fat. The daily intake of fat should be distributed over three main meals throughout the day. These restrictions are far less than most weight loss diets and are therefore easier to follow.

Do I Have To Follow A Fixed Diet with Xenical?

No. As long as you moderately reduce your calories and fat, there is no specific diet plan.

Do I Need To Take Vitamin Supplements with Xenical?

If you eat nutritionally balanced meals, rich in fruits and vegetables, you may not need to take supplements. For specific diet eating plans, discuss with your doctor.

Do I Need to Exercise whilst on Xenical?

Yes. Physical activity is necessary for maintaining good health - but this doesn't mean running miles per day or joining a gym. Slowly increase your level of physical activity, for example, walking regularly or swimming.

Does Xenical Reduce Cholesterol As Well?

Yes. Xenical decreases total cholesterol, decreases LDL (the so-called harmful or "bad" cholesterol) and improves the LDL / HDL ratio.

Are There Other Benefits To Taking Xenical?

As well as reducing weight, Xenical reduces
½ high blood pressure
½ the amount of anti-diabetic medication required (if already diabetic)
½ body fat
½ the chance of developing type II diabetes

How Fast Will I Lose Weight with Xenical?

In international clinical studies with thousands of patients, most individuals using Xenical lost on average 10% of their initial body weight over a 6-8 month period.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With Xenical?

It's very important to set realistic goals for weight loss, and remember that even a small weight loss can lead to a big gain in health. A loss of 5 to 10% of your current weight can result in significant reductions of risk of disease.

Can I Start Taking Xenical Immediately?

This depends how quickly you can control your diet so that no more than one-third of calories come from fat. This start-up period can be a few days to a few weeks. In this way, you cut the chances of experiencing the dietary events described below.

Does Xenical Have Any Side Effects?

Xenical's side effects are strictly gastrointestinal, and relate to its blocking the digestion of ingested fat. The fat that is not absorbed into the gut and bloodstream remains in the intestine and becomes mixed with the stool. The increased fat in the stool can cause any of the following:
½ gas (flatulence) - sometimes with oily spotting
½ increased frequency of bowel movements
½ fatty/ oily stool
How often or how quickly these effects occur will vary from person to person and will depend on how much extra fat was consumed. They can occur within hours after eating or up to a day or two later. These side effects usually occur early in treatment, last for only a short period, and disappear over time. Remember you can control the amount of fat you eat: it is not the Xenical that causes these events.

Has Xenical Been Tested Widely?

Xenical is the most thoroughly tested weight control medicine. Clinical trials with Xenical were conducted with over 7,000 patients in North America, South America, and Europe.

Does Xenical Interact With Other Drugs?

Clinical studies have shown that Xenical does not interact with commonly used medications. However, before starting Xenical it is essential that you inform the doctor of any and all medications (prescription and non-prescription) that you are currently taking.

How Much Xenical Do I Take?

One capsule (120milligrams) is taken three times daily with each main meal - up two hours after eating. Taking a capsule with each meal is convenient and easy to remember.

If I Take More Than One Xenical Tablet, Do I Get More Results?

No. There is no benefit to taking more than the recommended dose.

Do I Have To Take A Xenical Capsule With Every Meal?

If you miss a meal, or your meal contains little fat (note: be careful of the hidden fats in many foods), there is no reason to take Xenical, although there is no harm in taking the capsule. Taking a capsule with each meal helps you to remember and avoid missing doses.

What If I Eat More Than Three Meals A Day?

In any event, you should not take more than 3 Xenical capsules per day.

What If I Miss Taking A Xenical Capsule With A Meal?

There are no harmful effects at all. You simply miss the benefit of the medication.

Can I Overdose On Xenical?

There have been no cases of overdosing. In experiments, patients who took doses of Xenical many times over the recommended dose experienced no ill effects - but remember that taking more Xenical gives no extra benefit.

What Happens If I Stop Taking Xenical?

Within three days the medication will be out of your system. There are no long term effects.

Will I Have To Take Xenical For The Rest Of My Life?

Xenical can help to kick-start weight loss. When you reach your target weight, you should be able to maintain it through diet and exercise alone. If, however, you start to regain weight, you can safely resume taking Xenical. Xenical has been shown to be safe for up to two years of continuous use.

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Xenical Disclaimer:

This FAQ is for information only, and has been compiled from a number of sources to give an overview of the use and effects of Xenical. It is not a definitive guide to the effects or implications of use of Xenical, nor is it intended replace the advice of qualified healthcare professionals. If you have any concerns about the use of Xenical or any possible side-effects, consult your healthcare provider.

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